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Mini Book 6 Purple

Cuddly is sooo cuddly!
Narration by Elaine Hanlon, Patrick Sojka
Illustrations by by Edita Plickova
Animation by Jiri Schikora

From the smallest to the tallest!
My name is Cuddleek
or Cuddly for short.
I am a narrator and an actor.
Come to see me on the stage.
Do you know how to act?

There was a castle on a hill.
It was built at least 500 years ago.
In 1685, some ghosts moved in.
To celebrate, they invited three witches to a party.
"Please come five minutes to twelve",
they told the witches.

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Project team and you in action Three witches and ghost
Your friendly creatures are writing your diploma and working on new books for you!