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Mini Book 4 Green

Shaggy wants to ask you some questions!
Narration by Elaine Hanlon
Songs and Music by Suzanne Costaschuk,
Susan Lexa, Jana and Danny Posadka
(available on audio tape or CD-ROM)
Illustrations by Edita Plickova

My name is Shaggy the Doggie.
I like children, flowers, trees and bones.
Let's rhyme and ask questions.
What would you like to give me?
A question or a big bone?

The long leap with my kangaroos.
The last skip for you.

Kangaroo boy

Kathy, Maggie and ShaggyThere is a lovely mom named Maggie
Whose dog is enormous and shaggy.
The front end of him looks vicious and grim,
But the tail end is friendly and waggy.
He's so friendly, and he's so waggy
He is simply their lovely dog Shaggy.
Girls Kathy, my niece, and I fell out.
And do you know what it was all about?
She loves Barbie and I love to ski,
and that's the reason we couldn't agree.