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Mini Book 3 Yellow

Activities: reading, writing, coloring and playing.
Narration by Elaine Hanlon from Canada
Songs and Music by Gloria Glenn,
Suzanne Costaschuk & Kenneth Budda
(available on audio tape or CD-ROM)
Illustrations by Alexander Babray Quack the Duck will drive you to his party!

Would you like to come
to my birthday party?

My name is Quack the Duck.
I know my family and my neighbors.
I know games, too.

How old are you?
I am five and you are seven.
All good children go to heaven.

When I was one
My sister was two.
When I was three
My sister was four.
When I was five
My sister was six.
Now I am seven
And going on eight.

Hellow Y E L L O W!
My big friend.
I am small.
You are tall.
We are playing basketball.
Won't someone please tell
my sister to wait?
Basketball Brother