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Mini Book 2 Orange

Suzie likes to say the alphabet.

Narration by Elaine Hanlon
Songs and Music by Suzanne Costaschuk,
Kenneth Budda, Bob Young & Claude Ammyotte
(music and sounds
available on CD-ROM or audio tape)
Illustrations by Susan Wiberg


Hello, orange caterpillars.
I am a green caterpillar.

Do you know numbers?
1,2,3,4,5 ...

D . y . . k . . . the alphabet?
Let's learn.

My name is Suzie the Caterpillar.
I know numbers and many things.
Let's count and go shopping together.
I know my ABC's.Won't you sing with me?

Y . . is a funny cow.


Yaks live in Asia.
Y . . . live in America, too.
Yaks have big horns.
Cows have small horns.
Y . . . and c . . s eat grass.
Did you see y . . . in the zoo?
How I wonder what you are? Are you somebody?
You can be a star.
  And you can sing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star".